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Bark / Topsoil

Bark / Topsoil
Ideal range of product for keeping weeds down, trapping moisture in soil, fertilisers for soil and for lawns.
An ideal product for keeping weeds down and trapping moisture in soil. We sell it in 75L bags or call us on 01-5050037 for details of our larger bags...
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This is also known as Lime Free Compost...
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This compost is ideal for potting up containers and as it has the added John Innes in the compost it retains the moisture better which means less watering for you. It is also ideal for mixing into the soil when replanting...
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This compost made from recycled green waste. It is full of nutrients and is perfect for working into your flower beds and opening up the soil. It is also excellent as a top dressing to suppress weeds. We also stock this in a larger bag, call us on 01-5050037 for a price...
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This is the only sand that will make sand castles for your little ones and is ideal for making a sand pit for them for hours of pleasure...
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Top Dressing Sand
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This sand is ideal for adding to soil before sowing a lawn or brushing into your lawn after aerating...
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Well offer dry screened topsoil in 20 Litre bags.  For Maxi bags call us on 01-5050037 for prices...
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This 50m x 1m is a  porous fabric which you put over the ground to keep the weeds at bay and keep the moisture in. You can use the special pegs to hold it in place and then cover with either bark mulch or your choice of decorative stone. We have larger sizes in stock, call us on 01-5050037 for ..
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